Beachwood, OH Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Martin Horwitz

Martin Horwitz of Beachwood, OH has devoted his career to providing injured workers, and those who suffer from occupational diseases, with high quality legal services.  Attorney Martin S. Horwitz knows that his clients’ time is valuable.  He offers cost-effective, responsive and efficient service designed to accommodate his clients’ busy lives. 

He handles any injury from a simple back and neck strain to a herniated disc, amputation, carpel tunnel, torn ligament or meniscus, fracture, burn, loss of sight, chemical exposure, and aggravation of prior injury or psychological disorder.

More about us:

  • No office visits needed
  • Claim reviews and new claims can be handled over the phone
  • Home or hospital visits can be arranged
  • No charges for consultations, questions, or claim reviews
  • Cases personally discussed with Attorney Horowitz himself
  • Simple and easy to understand explanations

Contact Martin Horwitz today at 800-362-2661.

Workers' Compensation Lawyer - Beachwood, OH - Martin Horwitz
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